Friday, August 23, 2013

Link up this week

Last week I started a weekly feature called This Week.  Link up at the bottom and share what funny, memorable, noteworthy things happened in your week.

  1. Both girls are now back in school during the days.  I talked a bit more about that on Monday.
     2.  My oldest turned 14 and I talked a bit more about that on Wednesday.

     3.  The latest edition of my university alumni magazine arrived and the cover story is about a family of quilters.  So refreshingly validating in a way.

     4.  I'm working on a tutorial and giveaway for after Labor Day. 

     5.  This lyric from the Avett Brothers keeps running through my head this week: 
Always remember there was nothing worth sharing, like the love that let us share our name. 
                                                                        -- Murder in the City by Avett Brothers



Kelly said...

I LOVE the Avett Brothers! Their lyrics and instrumentation are inspired. Have a great weekend...

Jessica Christensen said...

I'm out of town and only have my phone, but I plan to link up next week.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I will have to see if my daughter (GO MU) gets that magazine. I'd like to read the quilters article.

Have a great weekend!!

Jackie said...

Do you remember a commercial from several years ago where a mom is watching her baby girl pull herself up to a window and the song in the background starts up, "Oh, won't you stay just a little bit longer..."? I don't remember what the commercial is for any more, but that is the song in my head as I think about my kids growing up. :) And when you posted about your daughter's birthday.

Anonymous said...

I took your advice and made grape juice with my grapes : )

And what Avett Brothers lyric isn't awesome-love love the Avett Brothers. Check out The Pressley Girls facebook page to see an Avett Brothers song they did Saturday night-for the Avett Brother's Uncle Wally.

charlotte said...

Just catching up on blogs and saw this. I went to Mizzou too. My hubby graduated from there in 1979. Small world, Dana.

Anonymous said...

I have that same magazine! I didn't know you went to Miz-zou!