Friday, August 30, 2013

Link up this week

--  I saw the first red and orange leaves of fall. 

--  Not many but they are there.  It's happening.

--  I made an apple pie with apples from our tree.  That is pretty awesome in itself but what's probably even more amazing is that I didn't Instagram it.

--  If a pie is made and not Instagrammed, did the pie even exist?

--  I've resisted the urge to buy new fabric from my favorite online shops.  I'm saving my pennies for Sew South.  Tickets go on sale October 1st.  I hope I'm lucky enough to snag one.

Ok.  Your turn.  Link up and share about your week.



Jackie said...

Never have been a fan of apple pie, or really anything with cooked apples as the main ingredient. I've tried to like it, but it hasn't happened yet. I know, it's so un-American.

Kar said...

Trees are changing here also Dana. Kind of early here.

Not sure I would have remembered to take a picture of an apple pie either. I would have been too busy tearing into it. :)

diane said...

Your Instagram comment had me laughing til I cried.

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

hahaha! I don't IG so the pie didn't exist for me either way ;) I'm really looking forward to Autumn, it means Winter is next!

Pearl Maple said...

Doing the reverse seasons here with trees coming in blossom
Always enjoy reading about others adventures with the delights of fall

MeganW said...

I love spotting the little things that mark the changing of the seasons. Especially around this time of year I feel like it's a fresh new start. Even more now than at New Year's.

Sarah said...

Hahaha. I love your comment about Instagram! I don't Instagram, so if I live my life and not Instagram it does that mean it doesn't exist? I don't think so!