Monday, November 18, 2013


Random thoughts going through my head today:

1)  I'm working on a project for a magazine with the above color range.  The completed project is due at the publisher on Friday and I just received the fabric today.  I better stop typing and start sewing.

2)  That last sentence is the understatement of the day.  Week.  Month.

3)  I'm unconvinced by the whole belted shirt look.

4)  What's the best way to save and store digital images?  External hard drive?  If so, any recommendations?

5)  My youngest has a birthday this week.  She had five friends here for a sleepover on Saturday.  S'mores over a campfire were involved.

6)  One can never go wrong with s'mores.

7)  I'd like to turn the above pile into Christmasy things.  Specifically a quilted Christmas tree skirt, hand towels for gifting and a few hot pad/trivet/thingies.

8)  A quilted tree skirt has been on my to-do list for at least three years.  

9)  As are some matching stockings.

10)  How many days do I have until Christmas?

11)  Wait.  Don't answer number 10.



Greta said...

Good luck with your project. You will get it done and it will be amazing!

Jenny said...

Stop typing and start sewing!

karen @ badlandsquilts said...

You can do it!

MeganW said...

Can't wait to see what those stacks become!

em's scrapbag said...

I too have had a Christmas tree skirt on my to do list for years. As for the smores at your daughters party try them with almond joys. They are to die for.

Dena said...

I can't wait to see what you con up with. Not ready for Christmas- can we have one more month?

sallgood said...

Christmas always arrives on December 25th. How do I forget that every year???

Sara said...

They JUST sent the fabric huh?!

Smores are the best I son has his 6th B-day celebration Dec. 7th. His B-day is not until the 22nd,but that is too hard to get people to come to ever.

What is that cross stitch fabric in your pile? Tree skirts are fun fun! I am of no help you know lol

Jackie said...

Good luck with the short can do it! Digital storage: I have my hubs back up my laptop with an external hard drive. I have no idea of the brand name. Several people I've seen online use some version of a cloud to save stuff too. I don't have a cloud thingy. I do put my photos in my shutterfly account though. Would love to see a Christmas tree skirt, and the matching stockings. Fun.

DJ Shorti said...

I use an external hard drive to store all of my photos. It's a great way to organize with folders as well. I love Fantom Green Drives.

Lynne Shandley said...

Nothing like a quick turnaround on a project! Gah! But the FQ stack looks fantastic. Good luck!
I was unconvinced by belted shirts last time they were in...

Beth said...

Sew girl sew!!! LOve the stack of fabrics.
My girls both use external hard drives for pictures and documents they need to save. I may have one that DD got me, just waiting for me to get busy.
I am with Dena, I need another month or two before Christmas.

Meg said...

I won't tell you how many days you have until Christmas, but I can commiserate over your tree skirt dilemma. It's been on my list for, ahem, several years, and it doesn't look as though this year is going to see it done, either. PS--we do TWO trees each year, so if I do one, I've got to do both. See, could be worse, right?

Paige said...

#8. Me too. Maybe next year?

Laney said...

Hi Dana! I have wanted a quilted tree skirt, too, but so far we are still using a store-bought one! I'd love to see what Christmas-y things you get out of those fabrics. I am wondering about the photo storage myself - our photos are just living on e one computer or another.

susan said...

aloha nui loa dana
why sew yesterday when you can sew like a maniac tonight...i actually do my best work under pressure.
im back to much better than fb.
the girls are getting so grown up and beautiful. my grand daughter turns 13 end of january and i cannot believe that!
better get to cuttin and a sewin cant wait to see what you make.
take care and be well. xo

diane said...

to answer #4...I store my digital images four ways because I would die if I lost precious family photos. I make CDs, I upload to Shutterfly, I have an offsite back-up (Carbonite) and I have an external hard drive. A little over kill, huh?
ANd if you say Christmas one more time you are in trouble Mrs.!