Friday, December 6, 2013

Miscellany 2.0

Random thoughts in my head right this second.

1)  It is so humid in my house right now that the mud room floor is damp.  Yuck.

2)  My favoritest college team plays in the SEC Championship football game tomorrow.  Go Mizzou!

3)  I'm keeping the pitcher.  But am reconsidering the ironing board.  After all, no one will love it like I would.

4) This week I found a PostIt brand graph paper pad and I love it.  I sketch quilt designs and quilt block patterns on graph paper often and the small pad is such a neat little size AND it has the Post It sticky-back-thingy that I love.  Win!

5)  I'm saddened by the loss of Nelson Mandela.  I was reading about him this morning and came across this list of some of his best quotes.  I love them all but especially like, "It always seems impossible until it's done."

6)  I still haven't made a Christmas tree skirt.  Or stockings.  And I'm fine with that.



Jacque. said...

Lovin' your random thoughts posts. I think I would have difficulty limiting the number that I wrote

MeganW said...

You could send a little humidity our way. The cold we're having is taking it right out of the air it seems.

Very cool about those post-it notes.

diane said...

you have the best random stuff. A big girls list!
I too, am so saddened over Mandela's death. He changed the world and I wish more people would embrace his words.

Kim said...

Mandela a real super hero of our time...imagine enduring all that he did in one life time.

70 degrees those windows and doors and air the mudroom out!

Merry Merry

Beth said...

It is sad to lose such a great man.
Dry and cold here, no humidity.
The cactus looks so pretty!

Bettina Groh said...

How about hanging the ironing board as a place to hang notes with magnets?

Kristen Schubach said...

Lovely list.

I was so saddened when I heard Nelson Mandela had passed. Such a man, such vision, and quotes that make my heart soar.

Oh, little ironing board, stay there and be loved. ;)

Dampness? Oh, poor thing. I don't have that...yet. Not much moisture in the air currently. Call it too freaking cold for that. ;)

Christmas tree skirt...maybe next year. This year stockings because really, I don't have enough to do right now (get organized, etc..) but I admit I'm having a bit of fun doing it once I get going. It's the getting going that's hard. ;)

Enjoy your beautiful flower and have a nice day crafting.

Jackie said...

The weather in SC was absolutely beautiful today. The kids and I definitely enjoyed it today.
You still have 19 days till Christmas, so there's still time. How long does it take to do something like that?...10-15 minutes tops? :) I have no idea.
I added some decor to my studio, check it out if you need a reason to procrastinate.

QuiltNut Creations said...

So, did you keep the ironing board too?