Friday, April 18, 2014


1.  The trees are in full bloom.

2.  Ahhh-chooo!

3.  Freezing temps sent Razor and I scuttling around the yard with sheets and duct tape.

4.  Licious, my youngest, came home with chicks.

5.  Chicks hatched at school.  One with a major defect making it unable to walk.  Spraddle leg it's called.

6.  With many attempts by her and Razor to rehabilitate the poor thing, she wasn't thriving.

7. Heartbreaking is what that is called.  Thanks to Razor for ending the suffering.

8.  Two chicks remain and they are fluffy and cute.

9.  We don't have a hen house.  But I guess we will soon.

10.  We've moved the raspberry bed to a location more suited to it's spreading-ness.  We've dug and dug and dug some more over the course of the last eight months.  Completely eradicating the raspberries from their prior location will be a long battle.  Anyone have any hints or tips on how to completely remove them from the old location?

11.  I haven't made a quilt in awhile now.  I have a few at the long arm quilters.  Anxious to see them again.  One is a king sized scrappy bear paw quilt.  With a velveteen backing.  Super excited about that one.

12.  Have a lovely holiday weekend.



wifemotherexpletive said...

oooh. we had a hatch of chicks two years ago, lost a few. the boys still talk about it, its a hard thing, the fragility of new life. (and if those chicks are super super cute? might be roosters... trust me, i once had 7 of my 10 being all cocky-like... pretty pretty = boys ...)
yay for the quilts-to-come.

Paige said...

Yay for chicks! Sounds fun. My Drunkard's Medallion is back and it is AMAZEBALLS! I'm going to add one more border and then I'll post it!

Kar said...

Lots going on around your place. Love all the pretty blooms! Here's hoping you all have a lovely Easter! Hugs!!!

Live a Colorful Life said...

What beautiful blossoms!

dolores said...

Sweet, sweet daddy!!

If it doesn't matter that there are raspberries still growing in the old location don't worry about it!:)

Really though...if you just keep cutting them back down to the ground as they try to grow they'll stop...a little vinegar on a hot day helps too!:)

Beth said...

The blossoms are beautiful.
I don't think I could raise those tiny fuzzie chicks.
Happy spring.

Trudi said...

Beautiful blossom, have.a wonderful Easter weekend xx

Lynne Shandley said...

The pollen here has been dreadful this year! Doesn't help that we have a huge Douglas fir in the front yard.... but it is nice to have spring blooms. Our apples are just starting to bloom too.
And you have redbuds! Love redbuds.

diane said...

Beautiful blooms. What are they? Happy Easter my friend

Jackie said...

#10: Move them to my yard? :)Looking forward to seeing your work from #11.