Monday, May 12, 2014


Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.

A few weeks ago my mom, youngest daughter and I took a trip to New York City.  We first stopped in Washington, DC for the night and took in a walking tour of some famous sites.  But then it was on to NYC at day light.

Statute of Liberty



We saw the sights.  And ate the food.  Our trip included the Statute of Liberty, Ellis Island, 9/11 Memorial, Chinatown, Little Italy, American Museum of Natural History, several beautiful cathedrals includes the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Times Square, Grand Central Station, the Empire State Building and the broadway musical Pippen.

Nana & Licious

Times Square

Times Square

Silly selfies while waiting for Pippen to begin

Blinding white and neon for days

Grand Central Station

Pizza bigger than her head

Me and my girl in the city that never sleeps

New York City bustles. Shakes.  Hums.  Flashes.  Dashes.  And spins you around.  There is something new to do, see or learn at every turn.  But the time spent with my two travel companions was my most favorite part of the trip.



Kar said...

How fun was that! And to have experienced it all with your Mom and daughter. Fabulous!!!

Lexi and Robert said...

Looks like so much fun!!

Jo said...

Wow, you certainly packed a lot in to your trip, it looks like you had a great time x

dolores said...

Now I see where you get your good looks!;)

Material Girl said...

I hope you checked out the quilt show ar Grand Central Station that celebrates Grand Central anniversary.

Paige said...

Awww. you're making me homesick! Glad you had fun in NYC. Sounds like a whirlwind trip!

wifemotherexpletive said...

! i just spent mother's day weekend in brooklyn!!! yipes. what a city. was thrilled when i left, my ears and eyes needed to sleep for a week... but yes, what an amazing and inspiring place. ... and pizza? holy smokes.

Jackie said...

What fun! I think it would be fun to take my kids, or at least my daughter, on a trip to NY to see the sights and see a show, when they get bigger.

Kim said...

What fun and super memories for you all! You are three beauties out enjoying the cities. Did you do the memorials at night tour in DC? Fun right?

Thanks for sharing, it is a nice place to visit but I am glad for my quiet place by the sea whenever I come home from traveling and I bet you were happy to get home to the country too.

Happy Sewing

Beth said...

What an amazing trip. You saw so much and did so much. Did you need to decompress from all the lights and noise?

Jessica Christensen said...

It looks like you got all the highlights! Love, LOVE the city. So glad you and your ladies got to go. :)

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I've never been there. But someday I hope to go!

diane said...

Thanks for letting me visit one of my favorite cities through your photos. Was that John's pizza?