Monday, May 5, 2014

The Old Red Barn (Let's Build a Forest) -- children's book about eco-responsibility

Image from the children's book The Old Red Barn written by Kevin Kelly and Chris Laingen. Find them on Kickstarter at
You've heard of Google Alerts right?  You know, where you enter some parameters and then any time that word combination pops up on the Internet it will alert you and provide a link so you can go check it out?  I've got one set up to send me alerts for the words "Old Red Barn" cause, well, I have a company called Old Red Barn.  Plus, this blog is titled the same thing. Plus I happen to love old red barns and I get links to lots of cool articles about . . . wait for it . . .  old red barns.

Well, early last week I got an alert that sent me to a kickstarter page detailing a new book written by Kevin Kelly and Chris Laingen about an old red barn.  It's a book for kids teaching them about eco-responsibility and for every book sold a tree will be planted.

That is if they meet their kickstarter goal of $30,000.

$30,000 is a hefty sum.  And I sure hope they meet it!

Check 'em out here.


P.S.  Those fellas have no clue I exist and I am in no way associated with them.  I just like their idea and thought you might too.

P.P.S  Strike that first sentence.  I'm pretty sure they've Googled "Old Red Barn" and probably know I exist.  However, one has nothing to do with the other.

P.P.S.  Peace out.