Friday, September 26, 2014

Today I'm...

--  Loving having the windows open.

-- Sneezing a bit more because the windows are open.  But I'm good with that.

--  Planning to make stuffed green peppers for dinner.  

--  And maybe apple pie.

--  Making a list of the things I need to bring with me Sunday to the Asheville Quilt Show.  I'll be signing books from 1:00-3:00 pm.  I hope to meet some of you there!  

--  Debating between power washing the patio or sewing today.  The weather makes me think I should choose power washing.

--  Obsessed with Friday Night Lights.  We've been re watching it on Netflix.  Almost done with season one.  So good.

--  Ready for the weekend.



Sharon said...

Looks like a beautiful day! Love the apple pie idea

dolores said...

Yes it is a gorgeous day and yes...I'm sneezing too...and have a bit of a headache but that's ok...the sun is shining and I just picked a bunch of tomatoes, peppers and beets....I know what we are having for dinner!!:)

Have fun in Asheville. Wish I could be there with you!!:)

Beth said...

Wish I could be in Asheville too. The sun streaming in the windows is lovely today. My DD came by after work yesterday to visit. And hubby is doing laundry.
Happy day!

Paige said...

I've been thinking about heading out to Asheville to see the Gee's Bend quilts! Have you been yet?

Jackie said...

We finally got some sunshine on Saturday, and some on Sunday. But the temperatures have been nice, not using the ac at our house. I enjoyed the last two seasons or so of FNL. I haven't seen the whole series.