Monday, November 17, 2014

It's kind of our thing

About this time last year Razor ran his first marathon.  And he did it again this year.  He trained for six months for this one and improved his time.  I'm so proud of him.  Like so proud I have trouble finding the right words to express it.  He sets goals and achieves them.  He pushes past naysayers and injury.  He endures.  And he sets an amazing example for our daughters.

Razor and I have this thing.  We were standing along the route near the finish line but not right at it. If you watch the video until the end, you can see that as he runs past us he is running towards the finish line but it's not quite fully in site.  Once he passed us, we began walking towards the finish to try and find him.  Over 19,000 runners ran this race (it was a half marathon and a full marathon combined event) so you can imagine the crush of people along the route and especially at the finish line.  We pushed our way along the crowded sidewalk and made our way into Forsyth Park.  We debated the best way to find him and decided to go to the lettered section that started with our last name because the girls thought that he would probably head there looking for us.  As we walked for just a second or two I kept my eyes peeled for him.  And then there he was.  That's kind of our thing.  We can just find each other.

Razor ate a banana and drank some chocolate milk as we walked to the stage where Phil Phillips was set to play.  Our girls were anxious to get as close to the stage as they could because  Licious planned to get a selfie with Mr. Phillips.  The sun was out.  We set out a quilt to sit on . . . and for Razor to lay on.  But he had promised to get them as close to the stage as possible, so that is what he did.  And they stayed there for more than half of his set.  I tried to wiggle my way up there so that Razor could, in fact, go lay on that quilt but I couldn't push my way through.  As I stood at our spot, I could see the back of Razor's head.  I decided I'd just watch him and when he turned around I'd catch his attention and tell him to come on back and leave the girls there.  That they'd be fine.  He turned around seconds later.  And caught my eye.  Just like that.  See?  It's kind of our thing.

And running and adventure racing and pushing his body to the limits is kind of his thing.  That and being a super cool dad.  Formidable competitor.  And unbelievable partner in this life.



Kar said...

Way to go Razor!!! I'm in awe of his determination. I would have been hoarse from cheering so loud for him. And a Phillip Phillips show to see afterwards. Fantastic day indeed!!!!! : )

christaquilts said...

That is super cool!!

Beth said...

You are an amazing family.
I can find my hubby, him find me..not so much. :)

dolores said...

Awesome Rawsome Razor!!

Yeah...connections like that are priceless!:)

angela said...

I so love your posts Dana.

Kim said...

Amazing how love works when you make this deep and everlasting connection with a wonderful man.....Gods gift to you :0) You are both blessed and know it!

Happy Fall and have a blessed Thanksgiving

Jackie said...

Awww. So sweet.