Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Icy cast

The light in February is gray and cold. But the quilts I hear tumbling in the dryer are warm and cheery. The frantic card game Speed is keeping our hearts racing. Curious dogs wanting to go outside to bark again and again are keeping our feet out the door.  And the forecast of snow is keeping us hopeful.  Warmer days will be here soon. Until then I will enjoy the icy cast of today.



dolores said...

-1 this morning with 11" of snow slowly melting then turning to ice. Tumbling warm quilts are a must!:)

Did you see my finished "Dance Floor" on my last blog post? I love it and you!!:)xo

Terri Ann said...

While I strongly dislike snow the one thing I do love is the way it reflects beautiful ever-so-cool light everywhere. On a sunny say with snow on the ground the rooms are so well lit that it's hard to not be happy.

Kelly O. said...

We are loving the snow here all 4 feet of it!!! I'd share some if I could :) What is that basket in the last photo? I love it!