Thursday, March 26, 2015


I still have this doll. Her name is Susie. She has a string that you pull at the back of her neck that makes her talk. She says things like "Baby hungry" and "Kiss baby."

And besides the red sneakers and yellow knee socks, I can't help but noticing the embroidered pillow. I'm pretty sure I remember that pillow.

Happy Thursday.


Tricia said...

So cute!!!

Nita said...

I had a "Baby Boo". She cried and drank from a bottle :)

Lynn said...

Too cute! I still have my doll, baby Sally. My aunt made me a complete wardrobe for her including a velvet coat trimmed in fur. I think that's where I began my love of sewing

Kar said...

You are killing me here Dana!!! How cute are you!!! And those pig tails! I still have my Raggedy Ann that my Mom and Dad gave me "many" years ago and she sits in my bedroom to this day.

dolores said...

Ack! You're adorable...and still are a gorgeous woman...yep...I have a woman crush and I'm not afraid to say it!;)

Birgit said...

You have always had that lovely smile, Dana! :)

Kim said...

So darn cute!

My folks didn't take pictures of us much and even though their were seven of us we don't have one phone of us all together!
So keep taking those great photos of your sweet girls together :0)

Happy Sewing

diane said...

You haven't changed. Your beautiful smile is still the same.