Monday, June 15, 2015

Deep south

Just as soon as that final school bell rang for the year, the girls and I jumped in the car and headed south. We had people to see and things to do.

Specifically to see my parents, brother, sister-in-law and this cutie batootie.

And to build the brick patio we had promised Mom for Mother's Day.

A week seeing family and doing hard labor while being provided a constant supply of lemonade, watermelon, popsicles and beer seems a good way to usher in summer.



Kar said...

Sounds like a perfect trip to me Dana. You had all the perfect ingredients for it! : )

tara said...

What a great idea for a gift!

Kelly O. said...

sounds wonderful! hoping to get off to a good start on our summer next week with a trip to see my mom too!

Kim said...

Good start is right..!

Safe travels and stay cool.