Thursday, September 3, 2015

Juice to jelly

We make grape juice and jelly each year around this time. Though our vines didn't produce near as much as they have in the past, we will have enough jelly for a good while.

These little jewels are sitting on my counter cooling and making me forget all about the pesky, purple stains all over my hands and kitchen sink.

Cause making grape jelly is messy ya'll.



Kar said...

It may be messy but all those little stains are so worth it. : )

dolores said...

Yummers! Yeah...certain things didn't do very well in our garden too like cucumbers so we only did one batch of pickles...luckily mom-in-law's cukes came in huge!:)

Karen @runsewfun said...

I love fruit stained hands...not so much the kitchen sink. Enjoy your jelly!

diane said...

I just had a blueberry stained sink. Filled the sink with bleach water and its brand new clean. Grape jelly reminds me of my childhood