Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Providing snippets of the last few months will allow me to catch up, record and reflect. We've been zinging through our days at a break neck pace but I can finally start to feel it slowing down. Mother nature is preparing to hibernate for winter, and so am I.

This girl. She has been with me for lots of errand running lately. She couldn't resist a photo with the strange car full of pandas in a parking lot. I can't help but to smile when I see hers. And I always get caught up in her happiness. She's contagious.

And this one? She's been up to all sorts of high jinks. Including a weekend hiking trip with friends. It was exciting to hear them plan the trip. And pack for the trip. And to see her and her dad do it all together. Seeing Razor's passions displayed in our daughters makes me physically stop what I'm doing and catch my breath. Genetics and all that science-y stuff, yes. But what I find the coolest is the appreciation, trust and love that passes between them while they do things together that fuels their souls.

We hosted two young women from Denmark for a week. These ladies were so easy to welcome into our home. They were up to any activity we suggested and loved learning about our lives and culture almost as much as we loved learning about theirs. We did our best to show them our region and offer them a unique American experience. And I thoroughly enjoyed talking to them about politics, government, cultural differences and global environmental, social and economic issues. 

Of course there's more. There is always more behind the pretty, glossy, stylized photos of the web.

I took a solo trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan to sew with dear friends for a few days. Michigan in September was lovely. I also attended Sew South a few weekends ago and did lots of belly laughing over thread, fabric and sewing machines. We've been making plans to close our soap making business and will have a blowout sale in the coming weeks. And I'm trying to get a pattern written of a new quilt design so that I can offer it as a freebie during a book sale soon. Well, hopefully soon. I keep dragging my feet on the ole writing-of-the-pattern shtick. 

So, yeah. That's the gist.



Laura Chaney said...

Happy to see you've been busy and festive behind the scenes! Although I was slightly disappointed that the car full of pandas didn't belong to you.

AnnieO said...

Lol at the previous comment last sentence! A full and flavorful life--all that one hopes for and more! What a great family you have made.

Jo said...

It looks and sounds like you've been having a fabulous time xx

Kim said...

It has been a long time since I saw a pin curl :0) What a great costume idea!
Your life looks full of happiness....enjoy:0)! You know the hands of the clock go faster and faster every year that passes.......I swear you girls were just little yesterday!

Happy Fall, it is such a nice family time