Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Seasonal play

Razor and I sat around the bonfire with a handful of adults as dozens of teenagers ran far and wide in the darkness of Halloween night playing Capture the Flag. I had hot chocolate in my mug and a smile on my face all night. 

I've been finding time to sew each afternoon.

The fruit of the season. It means we've been eating lots of fajitas and apple pie. Always pie. #weeatalotofpie

Fall is good for all sorts of seasonal play.



Kristin said...

Love that quilt and the sneak peek of the other one! What fabrics did you use on the crosses quilt?

the girlfriend gap said...

You are a girl after my own heart in the pie department : ) . My girls loved to play capture the flag when they were young and we had a big yard. Fajitas sound good too as my counter is over loaded with peppers as well. Yea for happy Autumn days and cute daughters : ) . Janita

Laura Chaney said...

Three cheers for finding time to sew each afternoon!!

Kar said...

Sounds like perfect days to me Dana. Life is good when you take it slow to enjoy it. : )