Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Snapshots of a week

A rainy 5k race for Razor and Licious.

An awesome thrift store find at $10.

Though this quilt top was completed back in May, I finally got it back from the long arm quilter and got it bound.  Strawberries!

I don't think I've talked about my recent fascination with making French bread. I always try to make a dinner that cooks for hours and hours on Sundays. French bread is a natural companion to such meals and I've gotten quite good at making it.

If I do say so myself.



Jo said...

Wonderful snapshots. That quilt is divine and the bread looks delicious x

dolores said...

Oh my goodness I can just smell the bread! Thinking of making butternut squash soup for tonight...we need your bread!:)

Kar said...

If I lived near by I would be stopping by on Sundays just to see if you may need help sampling the bread. Just to make sure it would be perfect for dinner. : )


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Henke Family said...

That strawberry quilt is darling!

Kim said...

Fresh bread from the oven smothered in butter and eaten while still hot..does it get any better than that?
Oh your mouth waters the whole time you smell it baking what a huge treat.

Have a very happy Thanksgiving!

Amy Woods said...

That bread looks amazing! I'm drooling a little bit. So, what do you cook for hours and hours on Sundays? Do share! And that strawberry quilt is perfect!