Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Quilt progress

All the pieces and parts for the pattern Country Chic from Sew Kind of Wonderful

Currently making both a king sized and double sized patchwork quilt for my mom.

#wantafanta block from @betteroffthread -- made these blocks for an online quilting bee I'm in

Sew all the quilts!!!



Kar said...

Look at you go! I really need to do some sewing the next few days. Hopefully after tomorrow there will be no interruptions. : )

Tracy said...


Jacque. said...

oh Dana...another gorgeous quilt...I like that pattern! Looking forward to seeing it done. Have fun with it!

Lynne Shandley said...

You have a few quilts on the go there!
I did a Country Chic workshop in November (before the pattern was actually released) but haven't worked on it since. It is a cool pattern! Must go and work on my scrappy round the world quilt top - I'm making an I-spy version. You've inspired me :-)