Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Can't stop. Won't stop. Making.

Just the other day someone looked at me with sideways eyes and asked why I make so many quilts. It was asked in tone that indicated they thought I was crazy. 

Actually, expressing my creativity and making beautiful things kinda keeps me from going crazy.

My summer was full of making. I'm usually a start to finish kind of quilter. Meaning I start and finish an entire quilt before making another. But this summer I kept starting new ones. Strike when the fire is hot, I say! Creativity ebbs and flows and I just went where my heart lead me this summer. Currently I have four quilt in progress. Oops. Nope. Make that five. 

But I basted and began quilting one this week and have purchased the fabric I need to finish the others up. That's my plan for the next several weeks.

I'm counting on YOU to hold me accountable. 'Kay?



Material Girl said...

I make more quilts than I can use. I do it because I love it. It's great to gift them when there is someone deserving of all that hard work and money. I w certainly wouldn't gift one to someone who asked why I make so many......... I also just love cutting and pressing, sewing perfect points ( or not),. I wish I liked the sandwiching and quilting part a bit more........

Betsy said...

Like you I like to create. It drives my mom crazy that I keep making quilts but I just love it. We are only here for a short time so do what you love

Jennifer said...

Hahaha - not a chance - too busy starting something new here!