Monday, August 29, 2016

You know that feeling when your kids do something that you are really proud of?

You know that feeling, right? When your kids do something that just makes you so dang proud?

Back in February of this year, this one said that she wanted to run. She was still in middle school but wanted to start training for the fall Cross Country season. And that's exactly what she began to do. Despite her already busy schedule, she began running at least four days a week. Then, during the summer, she ran six days a week. As the beginning of the school year approached, she even ran twice a day.

She had her very first Cross Country meet last week. She ran fast and hard.

And made my heart leap right out of my chest.



dolores said...

Yeah for her...and you and Razor!!;)

Was she the only one from her school?

Shirley said...

Its so great to see them so dedicated! Have a great school year.

Jo said...

I love how both of your girls are so dedicated to the things they want to do and they head for their targets like an arrow, no wonder you are proud x