Friday, September 2, 2016


Each year I say that I'm going to weigh the amount of food that we produce in our garden. The berries, greens, apples. The herbs. The summer bounty. It would be so interesting to see a total number of pounds of food grown on our land. It's very satisfying growing our own food. The pleasure of doing it as an activity is probably number one on the list of why it's satisfying, Also, though, it feels good knowing where our food comes from. Plus, using food that is in season means it tastes better than food harvested before it's ripe and then boated, flown or trucked to my local grocery store. Maybe next year I will remember to weigh it all as we harvest it. Then I'll have to research how many pounds of food an average American family of four eats in a year. Let me put that on my 2017 list of things to do.

Food. It really is a thing that connects us as humans.

Recently, my girls and some friends had a cooking competition at our house. They were in teams of two and given mystery ingredients for three rounds. Razor and I were the judges. It was a delicious task.



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the girlfriend gap said...

I agree ... Home grown food is the best! We give so much away because we just can't eat it all . Unfortunately some also goes to waste . Sad about that . The food competition sounds fun . Fun to be the judge : )