Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Two Liberty of London Quilts

These two quilts are for my mother. The tops are made entirely from hundreds of Liberty of London Tana Lawn fabrics. I had been collecting the fabric for ages and was waiting for the perfect project to use them.

Two quilts for Mom was that perfect project. Tana lawn is a silky, smooth fabric. Thin, slippery and drapey. The prints are mostly tiny florals with a few surprises now and again. The backs of each quilt are a voile base cloth that is nearly indistinguishable from a tana lawn in it's smooth feel and drapiness. The quilts feel light and airy. And very, very luxurious.

The fabric makes these quilts special for sure. Which is appropriate because they are for a very special lady. My mom is exceptional. She is kind and smart. Funny and forgiving. Strong and determined. Devoted and loving. She showed me how to be a mother. How to love deeply. And how to be fiercely loyal. 

Two quilts. One for her bed. And one for napping on top of her bed. So that she is surrounded by the luxurious, silky quilts. And hopefully feels my love for her like a hug.



the momma said...

So, so precious!! They are so beautiful and I'm sure the quilt feels exquisite!! (is the backing an Art Gallery?? I'm using an AG voile on the back of my current project and when I took it with me to my LQS (well - not exactly local, but as local as it gets around here) and the owner was shocked that I was using silk for the back of my quilt ;-)

I have the teensiest tiniest bit of a start of a liberty lawn collection. 8 fabrics, I think....

happy sewing ~Tracy

Phyllis said...

I love this! Love the gorgeous quilts, love the Liberty fabric (whenever I am in London I allow myself to buy a few small pieces, hopefully some day I will have a collection like yours) and love the gift, your mum sounds wonderful.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful quilts and wonderful sentiment ❤️

Lara said...

I love these quilts Dana. I really must get around to making Elle's liberty quilts before she is too big. I've just destashed so much fabric I'd bought with good intentions to make the boys things... but sadly they grow too quickly and I sew too slowly :( I always love your simple quilts the best. They've inspired many of my own xx