Thursday, November 3, 2016

Craftsy Class Coupon Code

So, I've never taken an online class on Craftsy. I've been on their website many times and thought about it but I always find myself thinking that if I have free time, I want to sew rather than taking a class about sewing. Know what I mean?

Well, a few weeks ago I was sewing with my friend Lee Monroe and I mentioned that I have never taken a Craftsy class. I think she almost spit her drink out of her mouth. She thought I was kidding . . . probably because she had filmed a Craftsy class earlier this year. And because I like to tease her about her growing celebrity status in the quilting world. However, I wasn't kidding. I explained that my free time is precious and signing up for a class would feel like another obligation. Lee set me straight as she explained that the class is mine forever and I can start a video any time on any device and watch whenever I want. She often has a video playing while she is sewing. Wait! What? I'd never thought of that!

Hi Lee!

I've watched the trailer to her class called Quilt Faster: Accurate, Streamlined Piecing and today I'm starting it! I've sat at a table sewing with Lee in real life. She's always quick to offer tips, hilarious stories, help to troubleshoot a problem and encouragement when I have 684 more seams to sew. And I have a strong suspicion that her class will be like having her in my home.

And, because Lee is awesome, she has given me a coupon code for her class to share with all of you! Instead of $40, her class will be $20 if you use this code:

Let me know if you sign up too. Then we can chat about it and maybe, just maybe, it will feel like I'm sewing with friends instead of all by my lonesome.



diane said...

I'm the same way about online sewing classes. I don't want to stop seeing to watch. Maybe I should give th a go again.

Shannon said...

I have signed up for the class! I have been following her on Instagram and I love her work. Thank you for sharing! I have not been able to sew much lately, I have been taking a few college classes and that takes up a lot of time. I would love to be buddies with you during this class. Maybe it will motivate me to find some time to sew.

Jacque. said...

Tempting, but unable to do this right now. I have, however, taken a craftsy class and I loved it! Have fun!