Tuesday, November 22, 2016

You're 15

I'm making you chicken fettuccine alfredo for dinner. Cause pasta is, hands down, your favorite kind of food. Like, any kind of pasta. Even cooked pasta just poured into the colander in the sink to drain. You are constantly sticking your fingers in there sneaking noodles.

This smile. This expression. You. It's exactly how the world sees you. Happy. Relaxed. Funny. Confident. Encouraging others and so supportive of their achievements. 

On the topic of achievements, you've got many. Start a rigorous high school program? Handle it like a pro. Decide you want to run competitively? Make it to State your first year. Encourage your group to take a project in a new direction? Be asked to present it to the whole school.

Confident and humble. Determined and inclusive. Great qualities by anyone's definition. They are the very essence of you. When I look back at what I've written past years on your birthday I see it as a common theme. It's just who you are through and through.

So, we will be eating chicken fettuccine alfredo shortly. Along with a salad. You and I were standing in the produce section of the grocery store thinking salad would be the perfect side dish. My hand was reaching for Romaine and you said that although you know I like more healthy lettuce options, you really were hoping for a nice Iceberg. You said "nice Iceberg" the same way a French chef might refer to an expensive bottle of wine. I laughed and grabbed the Iceberg.  For my birthday girl.

I love you.


the girlfriend gap said...

Laughing at the Iceberg lettuce.... I've had similar conversations : ) Beautiful girl/lucky mamma. Happy 15!

Jacque. said...

I love these letters to your girls. What a treasure they are...the daughters and the letters.

Jo said...

A lovely post with beautiful photos, I hope she enjoyed her birthday.....and her iceberg :) x

Wanda H said...

Lovely tribute <3

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