Thursday, December 15, 2016

Catch up

So, December is shaping up nicely. With baking, quilting, cross stitching, holiday preparations and the hot chocolate station added to the kitchen. It's been cold and rainy which makes me feel warm and cozy inside my home and inspired to do all the above listed things. Win, win!

It's been weeks since the election and I've been wandering around life trying to make sense of it. I read so much news before the election and have taken almost a cold turkey approach since. So much to process. I've pulled back and sat wide eyed and dumbfounded. My stillness feels like self preservation. In these cozy December days, I'm hugging my family, celebrating good, appreciating people, ideas and differences, smiling at strangers, and vowing that my daily routine will show love, curiosity, compassion and gratefulness.  To all.

Less hate. More love.

Happiest of holidays to each of you.



Kathy@KayakQuilting said...

Lovely post full of great pictures! What is the quilt pattern? Beautiful colors! 2017 will definitely require humanity to practice more than just civility. I remain optimistic that the good will shine through! Merry Christmas!

Melody A. said...

Yes, I agree. Love your quilts your making, the cookies and tart looked fantastic! Let us pray for all of us, that there will be inclusion of all mankind. Merry Christmas!

Kelly Martineau said...

Thank you for these words, Dana. I have long admired your made things. I too believe that making extends beyond objects. We make connections. We make space. We make community.

DebbyMc said...

We are thinking together. I posted this on my Facebook page just this week:

***I saved this comment that I wrote to a blogger earlier, to read again when I need to remember to calm down. I'm finding it necessary to read it now every time a new appointee is announced, so, almost every day. I'm so afraid for our planet and people everywhere. Written 2 days post-election:

"My knitting sits in my lap as I lose concentration skills and try to find footing. But, each day I will try and each day I will succeed in finding and celebrating and sharing the light and the good. It is the only way forward."

Sooo, I must remember to breathe. And not read so much social media and/or news. If I seem absent from here more, going forward, it's because I'm busy breathing and finding & celebrating the good. Peace, people.***

I love how often we are on the same page, Dana. Wishing you love, peace, and joy this holiday season, warm in your snug house with your sweet family <3

Jo said...

If I didn't feel Christmassy before I arrived at your blog then I certainly would now! It's a lovely post x

Courtney said...

I absolutely love the hot chocolate station in your house! Genius!
I feel the same way about the news. I'm too upset to read it after the election, although it goes against my ideals of being an informed citizen. I hope we can all find lots of good to celebrate in 2017. Or at least, we can be the good!