Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A crafty end to 2016

2016 ended quietly and craftily. The girls had a long holiday break. My parents visited for Christmas. The weather was rainy, cold and gray. I made a Christmas quilt,started a new one with nothing but scraps, and several kinds of cookies. Stews and soups. Hot chocolate.  And lots of echinacea tea to ward off seasonal colds. The cardinals' bright red popped against the muddy earth. We took several unexpected trips to the big city to deal with issues indicated by the dreaded engine light. And on our first two driving lessons with our newly minted permit driver, dealt with popped tires. (What are the chances? I was with her and she didn't do anything out of the ordinary.) Now, squarely into January, December seems eons ago. Plans, goals, hopes and dreams for 2017.

Bring it.



Kelly O. said...

your December sounds like it went out with a pop! :) Our Christmas was quiet and busy and probably everything that everyone else's Christmas is and should be and yet I feel really let down year after year about the pending New Year.I think it's the winter blues. This is the year I get my crap together! :) I hope. I started by cleaning my stash cupboard and found some relics I had forgotten about :) as a result I felt the need to start a new quilt. Off to sew!

Jo said...

It sounds like a lovely end to the year, apart from the type popping :( x