Monday, June 19, 2017

Graduation. Sunset. Procrastination

A few weeks ago my oldest graduated from high school. Family in town. Parties. Hiking. Rafting. Sunsets. And me procrastinating. Procrastinating about cleaning up after the guests left. About pulling the photos off my camera. About finding a place for the giant cut out photographs of her head that we waved around at the ceremony. About flipping the page on the calendar or booking a hotel for orientation.  That girl makes tears flood down my face with pride. I get so deep into my ugly cry that my heart is inside my throat making it very hard to breathe. And then I do that thing where I enlongate my face in order to make the tears go back into my eyes. You know that thing, right? It's followed by a deep sigh, a nervous giggle and the resolve to get stuff done.

Such good things. Really, really good things.



Jennifer said...

Congratulations--you have done a good job! Hope this next chapter in her life and yours will be wonderful ❤️

DebbyMc said...

Hugs, Dana! These are precious, memorable times. (But, I know, wearing big girl panties is HARD!) You done good, gurl!

Jo said...

I know that feeling and the thing you do with your face :)