Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Quilt Sale

I mentioned earlier this summer that I had a large stack of quilts to sell. I'm starting with these five quilts and hope to photograph and get the details written down of the other quilts in the next week or so. All of the quilts are handmade by me. Most were sample quilts I made for magazine, book or other publication of some sort. In the past I've opened up special online shops to sell quilts but am just going to list them here. Please feel free to email me with questions by clicking the red "email" button over on the right sidebar.

The above quilt I've called "Charmed I'm Sure." It measures 72" x 103" and is 100% cotton. Machine wash and tumble dry. Though the corners look square in these photos, they are actually angled corners... you just can't tell because my husband is holding it while standing on a bale of hay and doing his best not to fall off. $300 plus shipping and insurance.

The above 100% cotton quilt measures 55" x 55" and is named "Filigree." Machine wash and tumble dry. The soft colors and bold x's remind of of fine filigree work. $200 plus shipping and insurance. Unless your local of course. In which case, I'll bring it to ya!

"Bento Box" is the name of the above 100% cotton quilt that measures 56" x 84" (perfect on a twin bed!) Machine wash and tumble dry. $200 plus shipping and insurance.

SOLD -- This giant rainbow gradient quilt measures 86" x 103". It is, of course, 100% cotton. Machine wash and tumble dry. $300 plus shipping and insurance.

SOLD -- Finally, this strawberry quilt measures 51" x 64" and is such a happy, summery quilt. It's 100% cotton. Machine wash and tumble dry. $200 plus shipping and insurance.

You guys! Thank you for taking a look. I'm constantly making quilts. It's what I love to do. I've never made a quilt I didn't love and it will pain me just a little to send these off to new owners. However, these (plus the others I will post in the coming week) have been stacked up in the I'm-going-to-sell-some-quilts-so-momma-can-keep-making-more pile for several months and my family hasn't missed them. Fingers crossed you find something you like.



Laura said...

They're all gorgeous. :-)

Vicki W. said...

The quilts are great, but I really think what I need is some colorful stars on the side of my house! :)

sarah, rsm said...


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Beautiful quilts. How much is the husband in the first picture? Ha! Like I'd need two.

Wanda H said...

Really beautiful quilts! Love the rainbow one, and the strawberry one is a lot of fun. Nice that they can go to some happy new homes and be loved some more.