Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Evidence of productivity

I was going to title this post "Evidence that I'm on fire" cause that is what I alluded to in my last post. That I'm on fire. Creatively speaking. Not actually on fire. Anyway. Apparently the cold winter months turn my introverted, homebody self into a quilting machine. When I look back at the archives of past years I see the clear trend. I make lots of quilts in the winter. Especially immediately before and after the holidays.

I started these blocks in October and got them finished, assembled, basted, quilted and bound over Christmas. It's a limited color palette that at first I loved, then I hated, and now I love again. You do that too, right? The love-hate-love thing during the making process?

This quilt is made up of 56 blocks -- 21 of which were made by members of an online quilting bee I'm part of called Stash Sewciety. I backed this one in a heavy brushed twill making this quilt weighty and perfect for winter. I have a serious crush on it's scrappiness.

After two quilts featuring a plus sign so prominently in the design, you'd think I was ready to move on. Ha. I'm making a third right now!

Fire I tell ya! Fire!

Just don't call me Beavis or Butthead.



Ashley Calder said...

These are both so very lovely!

Kar said...

Look at you go girl!!! Keep 'em coming! : ) You kill me with the scrappiness every time. : )

DebbyMc said...

So cool. I mean, warm. HOT, in fact! So glad to hear you're not actually, physically on fire haha! I love your quilts. I wonder if I will ever, ever, get my quilting mojo back. I still have a studio full of fabrics (quickly turning into vintage fabrics, it's been so long, years, actually) fighting for space with a cupboard and bins of yarn. I need to find someone who wants the fabric. I can always buy more if the bug bites again at some point. Anyway, love, love these quilts of yours!

Kate Hall said...

ha. i don't think quilters are supposed to admit that they know who beavis or butthead are. .. just an fyi... :) ha. beautiful scrappyness, really appealing.

Ranch Wife said...

Gorgeous! You can never have too many Plus quilts - I love 'em! You really are on a roll! And yes, I do that love-hate-love thing when working on a project too. Hope the kids have a fire extinguisher near by...we don't want you to combust!

the girlfriend gap said...

Never fails there is always a first love gush which leads to.... what was I thinking... something is not working, loose motivation... A new project comes on the scene... bag the old project... start a new project work on it for a while until I get stuck... feel guilty for not finishing anything ... go back to the old... plug through the unloved to finally finish... Love it at last! Seems to be the process for everything I make and then it starts all over again for the next project. But I always love the finish! It is all part of the creative process for me. Might be because I'm always switching things up adding my own touch.

Love your plus quilts. Keep the fire burning : )