Saturday, November 30, 2019

Two More Quilts for Sale

Whew! Since my last post I've sold quite a few quilts and, I've gotta say, it feels much less scary now to let them go out into the world. Thank you for your purchases and indulging me. Many sold here and several more sold via my Old Red Barn Co. Facebook page. I know that this space hasn't been visited by you looking for something for sale and yet, that's what I've had here for awhile. I appreciate your tolerance for such diversions and hope that you know how much I appreciate whatever your reasons are for being here today... and for all the years before now.

In my last post update, I said that I had two more quilts for sale. The first is this traditional log cabin quilt that measures 66"x78". The center square of each block is the cutest little woodland deer measuring 1" square. The blocks are arranged in a way that makes bold strips diagonally across the quilt.  It's backed in a light blue fabric with scattered daisy bouquets. Machine wash and dry.  For sale for $300 plus shipping to you.

The second quilt is a traditional postage stamp quilt with a modern twist. The tiny squares are set among rainbow hued solid colors that cascade across the quilt. It measures 60"x73" and is backed with a mix of some of my favorite fabric prints of all times. This quilt has hundreds of fabrics in it from little bits and pieces of quilts that I've made over the years. Machine wash and dry. For sale for $300 plus shipping to you.

Ok. These (plus the few remaining in my last post) are all that I plan to sell for now. If you see something you'd like, shoot me an email by hitting that envelope icon over on the top on the right hand side.  Once you claim one, I'll work with you to calculate shipping, send you a PayPal money request and get it in the mail to you.

Selling these quilts that I've poured my heart and soul into feels like such a vulnerable act. I bet you can relate to that. Right? I mean, when I make something for someone I really, really hope that they like it. Do you too? It doesn't have to be a quilt. It can be a birthday card and a pan of lasagna. You make something for someone and you really hope they like it.  These quilts were not made for someone specifically but they are creations from my inner most self. I spent hours choosing fabrics, block designs, sewing, placing and rearranging, basting, quilting, and binding and they feel like bits of me. Putting "bits of me" up for sale makes me feel, like I said, vulnerable. But it feels much less scary now.  Thanks for allowing me to share them.


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