Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'll get this figured out eventually

Sorry about some of the photos being cut off on the right side. Seems I need to resize them a bit smaller than I am. I'll get it figured out eventually.

No pictures today as we were just too busy running errands. Although, we did stop to feed the ducks. Did you know that ducks are not crazy about "Bunny Grahams"? The trout loved them though. We also struggled with the clothes line for awhile. Mark promises me that the 3rd time is a charm. We'll see.

Since my readers are my family right now I wanted to let you know that you are always free to leave a comment about the blog (or anything for that matter). After each posting that I make, right under my sign-off name you will see a portion that says "comment". You click on that and then you can tell me to stop poking fun at you in my blog. Would I do that??

Also, I have been working for what feels like days to make and post a banner at the top of this blog instead of just the plain ole' look of "Old Red Barn Co." in text only. If anyone knows the trick to get the banner up rather than what I have please let me know. I would appreciate it.

Peace out. (hehehehe. seems just so uncool coming from me huh?)


Jeff said...

beautiful photos, from the wooly mammoth aka chubakka

Dana said...

Thanks Jeffer!