Friday, March 30, 2007

Fun Day Friday!

I had a busy day today. Of course, it is Friday so I taught art at the school this morning. I considered bringing my camera to take some photos of the fun that we have but then I don't have permission to post any of the kids' photographs on the Internet so I figured I better not. But, I can tell you what we did! I'm working on a fundraiser for the art program so that next year there will be some money to spend on supplies. I think this is a cool idea and the kids really thought so too! ANY money that we make will more more money that I had for supplies this year so I can't really go wrong!

After school a friend came over to play. We went to dinner last night with the whole family and I told them that I was going to take some pictures when the little one came over. Here are a few.

Her mom said that she loved them . . . but then what else is she going to say? Who doesn't love pictures of your own child? Plus, we are good friends . . . is she going to tell me that they are "interesting" right to my face?? Regardless, I had fun taking them and the little cutie seemed to have fun too. I gotta say, I think mine were FLABBERGASTED when I brought out the camera and didn't point it at them!!!

Big night tomorrow night at our house. MOVIE NIGHT! This is a special thing we do with the girls when there is something to celebrate. The older one earned some special recognition at school and the younger one read her first book all by herself. No doubt I'll have some fun stories to tell.

Until then.

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Renee said...

Hmm Seems I feel compelled to leave a comment on the ever so talented Dana. What she is not mentioning is that not only do I love them !! I feel this is her passion and she should share her talent with others!! I think she would do fabulous opening her own photo business as her pictures are fantastic!! Not sure about any one else who reads this but my pictures on my camera do not come out like this!! So again I have to say your pictures and picture taking skills are wonderful!!!!!!!! I am in love with the beach pics of the girls!! Making me want to buy Chloe a white dress and take you to Hilton Head with me as I know that my pics will not look like this sadly :(
Your adoring friend and avid supporter :)