Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Quilts and such

Imagine this scene:

We decide today would be a good day to hit all the local thrift shops as we haven't been in over a week. On the drive there I say, "I sure hope we find something good." The little one says, "Ya, Mommy. Let's try to hit the jackpot!" [that's my girl!!]

We arrive at first shop and little bit heads towards toys that she sees. Oh, man. Now I have to wait for her to go look at everything else. Hmpf. Well, maybe I could just look across the aisle here. I never find anything good in that section. Wait! What is that??? It must just be a cheap quilted pillow sham made in some factory far away where they pay their poor workers mere pennies a day all so that we can "rollback" prices. Opps! Soapbox tangent. Pull yourself together Dana. Just take a look anyway. What???? It can't be! Wait a minute. This is a handmade, hand quilted, pink and white dresden plate quilt made to look like DAISIES??!!!!!?????!!!!

That is like nearly half of my favorite things in ONE item!!!!!

My breath quickens. My pulse races. They are gonna want a fortune for this thing. I mean look at it Dana. It is in PERFECT condition. There is not a hole, stain or rip anywhere. All the seams are strong and in tact. Ok. Settle down. $20 is your limit. Even if she says $25 you will walk away. Do you understand? $20 is your limit!

So how much do you think this cost me?


Wait for it. . . . .


It took me a good several hours to come down from that one.

Want more? Well, we headed to another shop and found this quilt!

Here is a close up.

On any given day I would have been beside myself to find this! It is a vintage child's quilt with the cutest 1940's bunny fabric. It is all hand done and in perfect condition. It was weird though because it seemed like I had to remind myself to be excited about this great find. And it is great! But, after the first quilt of the day it was hard to measure up. Oh, and since I know you'll ask, I paid $5 for this one.

Whew!! Fun day!



Sarah and Jack said...

WOW! I have quite a quilt collection, but they are in various stages of beat up. You were lucky today!

anita said...

No blippin way! Love the first quilt!! I'm in total envy's gorgeous and for that price it's doubly gorgeous. Oh, I wish I could find a deal and a steal like that one! Congrats to you, though! I'm sure it'll be treasured forever! If you ever tire of it, send it my way! heehee

magikquilter said...

How on earth can they charge $1 for something like that? Did they think they had to virtually give it away? Do you have so many vintage quilts in thrift shops over there that they can almost give them away? Anyway it went to the right person so am really pleased for you.