Monday, May 28, 2007

Art Festival

I spent all day Saturday and Sunday at this art festival. It was the first of the season for me and I had a great time. You'll see the picture of my booth. Mark made the cool shelves for me out of the shutters I showed you in a prior post.You can't see them very well in the picture . . . they are on the right hand side of the picture. Also new to the set up is the quilt backdrop behind the "Old Red Barn Co." banner. It provided some much needed shade and created a nice look I think. The other pictures are just some of the stuff that was around me. I loved the pottery at the one booth and in fact have added some to my collection. A cobalt blue bird bath with a dragonfly. Love it! The other photo is of two guys that sat and played music for several hours on Sunday. Since moving here I have come to love that type of music. Perhaps it is called bluegrass. I just call it mountain music. Know the song "Rocky Top Tennessee"? It's that and sooo much more. You can see what I'm talking about in this:

My booth was next to the local chapter of Trout Unlimited. I don't know much about trout and I know nothing about fly fishing but these were the nicest bunch of men to visit with. They were friendly, hilarious and just fun to be next to all weekend. Now if I ever get the urge to go fly fishing I know who I can call.

I never can predict (even though I try!!) what scents will be popular according to the season. Blackberry Sage is ALWAYS the favorite overall but I was surprised at how popular Lemongrass & Sage was. I had already decided that I liked the Lemongrass & Sage better than the Eucalyptus Spearmint. Now, it is for sure! I'll have to remember to go take Eucalyptus Spearmint off the website.

Hope you all had a joyful holiday weekend. Remember to pray for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. For their safety. For their quick return. For their sanity after what madness they have no doubt witnessed.

xo -- dana


Sarah and Jack said...

We LOVE bluegrass! I was just saying to Jack yesterday that we need to find out when the next bluegrass festival is because I think he would really like it.

Jeff said...

The booth looks great, very inviting and cozy.

jen said...

Your booth really does look nice Dana. Let's see; so far you're a seamstress, soap maker, photographer, hmmmm; a woman after my own heart!