Tuesday, May 29, 2007

You MUST read this . . . NOW

I found a blog that you must begin reading immediately. Confessions of a Pioneer Woman is HILARIOUS!!! Check it out. You will love it. Add it to your favorites. Now. What are you waiting for. Go on.

You don't listen very well. So, since your still here I'll tell you that I have my first photo shoot tonight for non-family members. Two children. Brother and sister. Beautiful kids. I'm excited . . . and a bit nervous. So long as I get permission I'll post some of the shots soon.

Seriously now. Go to that blog I told you about. She has some funny stuff on there. Be sure to listen to some of her audio clips. They will have you falling out of your chair.


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anita said...

I discovered the Pioneer Woman a few weeks ago and now she's like an addiction! I HAVE to check her out every day. She is so, so, so funny! I'd love to meet her in person and spend some time around her. I love it when people make me laugh!