Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Am I a bad mom?

Do you see the mischievous grin on 'Licious's face?

When Razor got home from work yesterday Licious was so excited to give him gifts.

Me: "What gifts?"

'Licious: "Stuff I got today."

Me: "What stuff?"

'Licious: "The stuff from the thrift store!" [said in a totally annoyed tone]

Me: "What are the presents for?"

'Licious: "For Father's Day!" [again, same tone. she just can't believe I'm asking such silly questions]

Me: "Father's Day is not for a few more weeks."

'Licious: "I know. These are early presents because he is such a good daddy."

Well, who am I to argue with that?

So, after a huge production, 'Licious brings out the presents at dinnertime. First Razor opens the card [that apparently I bought earlier that day at a thrift store]. He reads it aloud. The front says:

Happy Valentine's Day to a beautiful,
loving, intelligent, weird daughter.

The expression on Razor's face was priceless. It was a complete look of "huh???"

'Licious: "Why does it say Happy Valentine's Day?"

Me: laughing, laughing and more laughing [I can't even stop to answer her question]

'Licious: "Mommy! You said it would be a good card for Daddy!"

At this point we are all laughing hysterically.

Now 'Licious prompts Razor to open the present. He does. It is a little Christmas ornament. Yet another confused face made by Razor.

'Licious: "Read it Daddy."

Razor: "Baby's First Christmas."

Me: "Oh no!" [more hysterical uncontrolled laughing]

So, does this whole scenario mean that I'm a bad mother? Obviously I bought these things earlier in the day. It is our routine that when we do go to thrift stores 'Licious gets to have little things that she sees. It makes it more fun for her AND allows me more time to find hidden treasures. Apparently today I was soooo into what I was doing that I didn't even bother to look and/or read what she was buying. Plus, I know that during the entire shopping trip we had a running conversation about how she was shopping for Daddy. Furthermore, aren't I horrible for practically falling out of my chair laughing at the situation?

All I know is that it was so blasted funny and that it felt good for us all to laugh until we had tears running down our cheeks.

Maybe you had to be there.



jen said...

Now THAT'S some funny stuff! No it certainly does not make you a bad mom. On the contrary; you're letting her do things her own way...fostering her creativity! :-)

Claire said...

that is pretty darn funny! gotta love kids!

Amelia said...

Bad mother?? This is great, I love the moments where daddy says "huh????"


Susan Guzman said...
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Rebecca said...

What a great story! I'm sure your husband got a total kick out of his gifts. :)

Sarah sent me your blog. She said you were planning to join our Summer Fun Swap! :)