Friday, June 8, 2007

big problems can overwhelm

I am a worrier. Always have been. Afraid I always will be.

I'm also a control freak and an organizer.

Put all these lovely personality traits together and you have a gal that can be overwhelmed by certain problems. I'm overwhelmed by the big problems that affect us all. War. Famine. Drought. Natural disasters. Global warming.

I try to set a good example to my daughters of how to be a good GLOBAL citizen. I try to be a good steward of the earth.

Is it enough? I am just one person. Is me hanging my clothes out on the line to dry instead of using a dryer going to end and/or reverse global warming? Is me raising money for and supporting worthy charities going to end poverty?

Is all the worry in the world going to make a difference? That is one I can answer. NO. Worry won't help. Action will. Yes I'm one person. But, I know I'm deeply affecting at least two people. And, I know that those two people will go on to deeply affect others.

I met a woman named Liz Nicholas a few weeks ago.

Check out her website (and her beautiful artwork!) at Art With A Conscience. She is one person that is using her talent to make a difference. How inspiring! How motivating! How glad I am that she reminded me that one person can make a difference.

xo- dana

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Amelia said...

Awe how neat!!!

I'm now worried and wondering what type of difference I am making? Good gravy...Now I better go delete some blog posts! LOL