Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Concord grapes, oh my!

So lovin' and sooooo missin' our homemade grape jelly. But take a look at these beauties. Come September we are planning on making 4-5 batches of jelly. My hands (especially my cuticles) will be stained purple. Can't wait!



capello said...

you left kansas? wha? huh?

j gilberts is just down the road from my home. guess what is now in where the white castle use to be (right next to it)... go on, guess! guess!


oh, wait it gets better.


and oh, how i miss garrozo's. i can't eat there anymore because of my wheat issues but their salad and lasagna and cheese bread, oh my.

the original garrazo's is no more. it is now salvatore's (an extention of the family). supposedly it's even better than garrazo's, but i'm afraid i don't have that good of an imagination.

oh, and i love your grapes. my husband's grandma in michigan has a grape arbor and makes the best jellies and grape juice concentrates.

Rebecca said...

Grapes! My great grandpa, affectionately called Pop-Pop Music because he'd play the harmonica over the phone when you called him, used to grow grapes. What sweet memories of eating them right off the arbor! :) Can't wait to see the jelly! I like making it myself but have to get my fruit from the store. :(

The Wooden Spool said...

Ohhhh and ahhh, I love making jellies and jams! I've been hard at it a few times this summer, myself. :) Apricots, peaches, strawbs, and hope to get my hands on some plums........grapes would be a first for me! Thanks for the inspiration!