Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Your two cool cats

I don't really categorize myself as certain things. Ya know. Some people are "dog people". Some are "cat people". Some are "people people". It's not that I'm not any of those things it's just, well, I don't know. We have a real pest, er, uh, I mean dog. We also have two cats. Truman and Sweetie Boy. (As in Harry S. Truman not Truman and Capote.)

Anywho, those cats are the absolute coolest cats I have ever known. They showed up at our house as starving kittens. The cutest little things with the loudest meow. I mean they were HUNGRY. They have always been outside cats. We never even considered bringing them indoors even though we had only ever had indoor cats. We figured we had a barn that could shelter them (especially with the cozy beds we have for them in there) and they would be just fine. And fine they are. They were so happy to have someone to feed them that they let my girls do anything they want to with them. Especially as kittens (since they weighed less) the girls would practically carry them by only their back paws and they didn't care at all.

They catch moles and mice. I wish they wouldn't catch the pretty birds but they do. Ya know what else they do? They are always there to greet us. They are sure to say hello each and every time we are outside. They garden with us. They go hiking with us. I mean come on! What other cat do you know goes hiking??

They are cool. And they snuggle each other. And they tolerate the pest, er, uh, I mean dog (who by the way is smaller than either of them and barrels toward them and jumps and bites their ears!).

Someday I'll introduce you to Hershey the pest dog.


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Christy said...

Cute cats. Nice of them to pose for the camera!

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I posted the recipe for the S'more Cupcakes & Frosting today. :)