Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pictures as promised

A few days ago I said that I would take some pictures of the recent work done around the yard. So here they are. These first two show most of the plants that Mom & Kim repotted for me last weekend. They are several varieties of salvia and scabious that will grow in pots all summer and be planted in the fall. They needed to be put into these size pots so that they can grow nicely all summer.

This shows the flower garden that we reworked last weekend. There is a small lilac towards the center of the photo that I will allow to grow into a large bush. In the spring when it blooms and I have the windows of the mudroom open it should scent the whole room. You can see the chives and other ornamental onions there on the back/ left side. All around the front are gallardia (blanket flower). At the far end of the bed are day lillies.

The above photo of Boo describes the main reason why I haven't blogged much this past week. It was our first full week of summer break and I just found myself too busy to sit at the computer.

Never fear, I took tons of pictures of the weekend and plan on sharing lots with you.


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