Thursday, June 14, 2007

Swimming and such

It's summer break and we have been doing summer things.

Over the weekend Mom and her friend Kim came to visit. We had a great time but I worked those ladies hard! They both love to garden so I had some jobs for them. They had to repot about 180 plants from the greenhouse. They had to rework a flower bed that desparately needed it. They also hiked up into the woods behind the house and dug out lots of ferns and other shade plants growing on the creek bed. They even planted a few for me in a shady spot behind my house. I helped. Honestly, I did! I fed them well. We giggled alot. Plus, they took home an entire truck load of plants from my house. Does that make it better that I worked them so hard??

Boo and 'Licious had a wonderful time with Nana and her crazy friend Kim. I'm so glad that they came. AND, believe it or not, I don't have anything to pick on Mom about. Hmmm. Wonder what is up with that?

Yesterday we went swimming. The pool is still a little cold. The girls swam as much as they could stand it. Their little lips were purple by the time we left. Hopefully in a few weeks it won't be as cold.

I need to take the camera outside and get some shots of the work that was done over the weekend. Plus, Razor has been working hard on the vegetable garden. I'll get some shots of that as well.

Until then,

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Amelia said...

That pool looks SO inviting!

Congrats on the planting!