Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Like the new skylight?

As I mentioned in my last post, Razor and Blade have been putting a new roof on our house. It has been a huge undertaking due to the fact that the house is 50+ years old. In newer construction the entire roof is covered with plywood and then tar paper and then shingles. Well, back in 1950 when this house was built, instead of large sheets of plywood, the entire roof was covered with plank boards. A large majority of the plank boards are fine but there were several sections that needed repaired. Plus, the boys pulled out each and every 1950 nail and then drilled and countersunk screws in all 65,799ish planks. I'm gonna steal Razor's joke here and say . . . now our house is totally screwed! (Good one honey!)

Well, the roof is still not done but Blade tells us that the hard part is over. Aside from several small things left to do they only have shingling left. The boys estimate that they can finish it up on Saturday. But, then you and I both know how men are at time estimates. We'll see.

Sheer poetry in motion I tell you. How do you unroll plastic anyhow?


Rebecca said...

Lucy girl to have such carpenters around. :) And as always, great pictures!

Anonymous said...
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