Thursday, July 26, 2007

Razor-isms Volume 1

First, let me set the scene: Breakfast table at approximately 7:00am. Razor is packing his lunch and making waffles for us all. A huge coconut cake is sitting on the counter (leftover from Razor's birthday on the 24th) because he is putting some in his lunch to take to work. I grab a fork and take a bite of said cake.

Boo: "Don't eat all of the cake Mom!"

Me: "As if!"

Boo: "Seriously, Mommy. Save some for us."

Me: "I couldn't eat all of this cake if I tried. Plus, I would never try to. Thank you very much."

My Entire Evil Family: "Ha-ha-ha-ha!" Giggle, giggle, snort, snort, snort.

Me: "hmpf!"

Licious: [After she stops laughing and whopping it up] "I'm on your side Mommy. You would never eat all of that cake. That cake is huge." [Now remember she is only 5 years old]

Razor: [Walking over and putting his arms around my shoulders] "Girls, your mommy is in oblivious . . .!

Now at this point he continued to ramble on about me and the cake. However, I'm stuck on the "in oblivious" part. What? Yep, two separate words. Like your "in California", he was saying I was "in oblivious".

So anyway, this conversation went on about the absolute inability of me being able to consume huge portions of cake, especially coconut cake cause the whole reason we had it as our wedding cake was to appease Mr-In-Oblivious-Man. It's his favorite not mine. I will point out, however, that my sweet, darling, 5 year old daughter stood by my side till the end!

As the conversation/argument/me-prevailing-and-proving-my-point came to an end, this same sweet and darling 5 year old loudly proclaimed: "ENOUGH YOU PEOPLES!!!"

I'm off to exercise. That ONE bite of cake will go straight to my hips.


Christy said...

Cake for breakfast sounds good to me! :)

blueyondergirl said...

This argument would never happen in my house. We all know who could eat all the cake. Any kind of cake. Blasted cake.

Bess said...

Good post.