Friday, July 27, 2007

Swap goodies

I have recently swapped with some other bloggers and wanted to share the goods!

First, I participated in the Summer Fun Swap hosted by the ladies over at Sweet Goodness Swaps. My partner was Rebecca and here is what she sent. Wowza!!

Rebecca crocheted the beautiful bag and lined it with a vintage pillowcase. She also made the fabulous fabric flowers! Did you notice the vintage orange and yellow scarf? What about the pineapple embroidered napkins? Check out the little crafters package of ribbon, embroidery floss and vintage buttons . . . all topped off with a silvery glittery "D". Also, the bag contained some pampering goodies that I love too! And, did you see the adorable hinged basket that it all came in? Oh, and the vintage orange and yellow pillowcase? That will make it's way into a future quilt for sure. Thanks so much Rebecca! Be sure to check out her blog here so you can see what I sent her.

I also swapped with the super sweet and talented blogger of Mama Said Sew. Christy was so kind to send me a generous package filled with these . . .

I should point out that in addition to the beautiful pearl bracelets for my daughters she sent some candy for them too. However those disappeared before I could photograph them. I just about did a back flip to see the green Katie Jump Rope fabric!!! It is the first I have seen in person and now it is sad to say that I'm even more obsessed than I was before!!!!!

Thank you sooo much Christy! I think I single-handedly ate the spiced walnuts in one sitting. That does not mean I could eat a whole cake! Thank you very much.

Seriously. I don't even like cake very much.


capello said...

whoa. what awesome swaps!

Rebecca said...

I'm so glad you liked everything! Thank you for such a great swap! :) And lucky you to get to swap with Christy!!

Natasha said...

OOOOO what a great bunch of goodies! Rebecca is a great swap partner!

Love the katie fabric!lucky