Tuesday, August 14, 2007

So grateful

I have had a long time to prepare for this change. I knew it would be here fast. When school starts, Licious will start kindergarten. It was a difficult transition for me as a mother when Boo started kindergarten and now she will be in third grade.

I have tried to be a "present" mother . . . meaning, one that is present. One that is there. One that does things with her children even though the floors need mopped and the furniture dusted [and holy cow the toilets cleaned!] and all the other things that eat away seconds, minutes, hours and days.

I'm grateful that I do "slow" things with my children in this hurry-up world. Slow things like this.

Slow things like nature walks, teaching them to thread a needle, reading stories, letting them bake a cake from start to finish all by themselves, planting seeds, swimming and diving, getting absolutely EVERYTHING out of the art box to create [including all 3,000+ beads], planting, picking, cooking and eating, pretending, dreaming, cuddling and relaxing until our breath falls in line with each other.

I'm really counting on the gratefulness carrying me through this transition.



s said...

Oh Dana, what beautiful glimpse of your family life. Hang in there. She will do so well, with a Mama like you in her corner :-)

stefani said...

oops, I posted before I left my whole name. Sorry... I'm "s"!

Christy said...

Beautiful sentiments Dana!

We start Kindergarten on Monday. I've already got the queasy stomcach. I have been anxiously awaiting the first day of school, sometimes feeling like it would never get here. Now, I'm wishing there was more summertime!

Sarah and Jack said...

Why have I never thought of putting the paint in an ice cube tray?

For me, every transition starts with anxiety and ends with relief. Plan something nice for yourself to do while she is at school! That always helps keep my brain busy.