Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Seed saving

Seed collecting at our house is a sure sign of fall. Boo and Licious prance from plant to plant and ask, "Do you want these seeds?" I most usually say, "Yes!" And, they happily collect the seeds for me. When we moved here 3 1/2 years ago and acquired our two greenhouses I made a point of showing them how to collect seeds for growing next season. Practical. Responsible. Economical. And, well . . . fun.

My girls know that a plant comes from a seed and, in turn, that plant will make new seeds. They know that some plants are annuals and others are perennials. They know that seeds are spread by wind, rain, birds, other animals . . . and by little girl fingers collecting them in the fall. To plant back in the spring.

Wait. You mean plants don't come from the store?

Huh. Who knew.



The Wooden Spool said...

What fun! I love this time of the year!

Mary Jane said...

My girls love to make mud pies and other concoctions-they use seeds in their masterpieces. So each summer I find flowers in some very unusual places. But its neat to know what fun the girls had spreading the beauty!

Blue Yonder said...

You know what? My kids have been collecting things like that, and I have no idea what to *do* with them! How to store... do you dry them first, where to plant.... I guess I'd better figure it out!