Monday, September 17, 2007

Beachy babes

My brother and his wife. Don't they just make you crazy? They are those people that you just hate. Cool. Clever. Smart. Snort-out-your-nose-laughing cause they are so hilarious. Savvy. Stylish. Gorgeous. Kind. Successful. Loyal. Thoughtful. Conscientious. Fun loving. Easy going. Yes, you want to hate them . . . but you can't. Absolutely. Can. NOT.

Rather, they are the type of people that you just WANT to be around. You want to bask in their glow. You want them to notice you . . . and they always will. They always find a way to let you know that they care about you.

Cool people are so good at that.

Wish I got to see them more.

Maybe then I would be cool.

FYI: That is really them. See! I told you they were cool.


Christy said...

Awwww, what nice things to say about your brother and SIL.

And hey, I think you're cool!

Euphoria said...

My goodness.... I so thought your photo was from a magazine spread- those "cool" folks are rocking it!

You are super dooper cool!!

Blue Yonder said...

I'm totally cool like that too. Totally. (at least *try* to conceal your laughter, okay?)

Robyn said...

I think you are cool too!


Stacy said...

thanks for tripping over my blog ...and taking the time to comment. There is some amazing photography over here!!