Monday, October 8, 2007

The greatest part of my weekend!

The girls had their first clogging performances on Saturday and Sunday. They are the two shorties in the middle. Licious on the left. Boo on the right.

The rest of my weekend consisted of selling my goat milk soap and sugar scrub at an entirely different festival. And dealing with this . . .

What is that you ask? Does this give you a better clue?

You guessed it. Our septic system backed up and caused lots of loveliness to occur at our house. On a weekend. On a weekend when septic tank workers don't come out to fix it. On a weekend when when my girls have their first clogging show. On a weekend when my girls have their first clogging show and Nana and Papa traveled 6 hours by car to stay with us and see said performance. Did I mention how lovely that was?

Ok. Back to the good stuff. Did I mention that my girls had their first clogging performance?

Aren't they adorable?



Julie said...

Your cloggers are adorable. I have a Boo too. He's 9. His brothers are Chief, Turkey and Moose. Their dad nicknamed them (the last two based on their birth sizes), lol.

Sarah and Jack said...

The girls are adorable. The poo? Not so much. LOL

Anonymous said...

The girls look great! Licious has quite the cute wiggle. Sorry about your septic system. That did not look fun :(

Christy said...

They are adorable and it looks like they had fun!

Sorry about your septic problems. You've convinced me to make an appointment to have ours taken care soon!

Blue Yonder said...

K, I'm not even going to think about that whole backing up business. But the cloggers... adorable!

Old School Acres said...

Love it (well, not the septic tank so much). My cousins were cloggers "back in the day" and I loved watching them.

Renee said...

Dana they are adorable too stinkin cute and have got it down pat! I love them!

VeeV said...

Completely Sweet!!!