Monday, October 1, 2007

Round robin!

Ever heard of a Round Robin?

I had but I didn't really know what it was prior to June of this year.

A Round Robin in quilting language is a group quilting project that goes something like this:

Each participant makes a center block. There can be all kinds of rules for size, color , theme, etc. Then according to a predetermined rotation schedule, each participant sends their center block on to the next person. That person then adds a "round" to that center block. Meaning, they add a border all the way around that center block. The quilter who made the center block then gets the quilt top back to keep and finish. In the end each participant gets their original center block with all of the added rounds back.

Yep, this beauty is MY round robin quilt!!

I made the center block and then 4 other talented quilters added the AWESOME rounds.

Ok. So the center part framed by all blue is my center block.

The red border with the yellow stripe in the middle and the green with yellow pinwheel cornerstones was done by Kari from Utah. How cute is that??? So creative and I just love how it frames out my center block. I don't know Kari in real life (only online) but I sure wish I did. Our tastes in fabric and design are very similar and I know we would be great friends. [***** Russ -- are you reading this? How ya gonna quilt around those 3D pinwheels?? It's headed your way soon. Please tell me there is way!]

The next round was added by the amazing and wonderful Susan from Massachusetts and it is the wide round that has the circles in it. How cool are they???? I love the circles. I love the fabric choices (the cornerstones are daisies and daisies are my most favoritest flower in the whole world!). I love your precise piecing. Just perfect!

Ready for the next round? Well, the VERY talented Janet from Michigan did the triangle border. I say "very talented" because I got to see each round that she did on every one's quilts and it was mind blowing. "Very talented" is putting it mildly. I wish we lived closer together so you could teach me some of your skills. Ok. Back to my quilt. I just love the triangle border and how the yellow is fanning out around it. Just so yummy.

The final round was done by the impeccable Liz from Indiana and I'm soooo lovin' it. The piano key outer border is divine. They are precise. They are perfectly straight. I love the whole array of colorful fabrics. Sheesh! It must have taken you forever!!

And check out this final picture. It is from the back. It's like stained glass it is so beautiful.

When the package arrived I instantly knew what it was. I ran inside to open it just knowing that I was going to love whatever it was that I saw. As I unfolded the quilt my heart was racing and when I got it open I was dumbfounded. I mean really. I was absolutely speechless for a good 15 minutes. I ran outside to hang it up and really get a good look at it. I was in shock. To look from round to round and she how each of your interpreted it and changed it and put your stamp on it.

The work that you ladies did on it is nothing like what I would have done in a million years. And it is PERFECTLY me! I absolutely love it! Thank you all so very much.



Sarah and Jack said...

Oh Dana! This is gorgeous.

Christy said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL quilt Dana! What a wonderful way to make a quilt top.

I'd love to do a Round Robin quilt. How did you find the other quilters?

Amelia said...

Sounds like FUN and the result is amazing! I love the quilt.


capello said...

oh. my. gawd.

that is amazing.

Anonymous said...

You're making me want to start quilting. . . . its beautiful.

XX - Mom

Kristi said...

The quilt is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

Robyn said...

I love the quilt and the process makes it even more special!!