Thursday, November 1, 2007

Many treats

Little Red Riding Hood . . . and . . .

a butterfly of course.

I see that sparkle in your eye Licious! Isn't Halloween the best? Treats are magical to receive.

Come on Lil' Red! It's treats for everyone!

Everyone indeed. I must thank you all that have e-mailed, left a comment here, called and prayed. Your actions have touched me deeply. And the treats of yesterday included some improvement in my Dad. Thank you for your prayers. Prayers are truly magical. Keep 'em coming!


P.S. Blogger does not have a way for me to respond with an email to each comment/commentor. I really wish that it did because I sooo want to personally talk to each person that takes the time to comment here! Becky -- email me so I can try to figure out just who you are!

P.P.S. Trick-or-treating in our small town is so much fun (I swear it is JUST like a Normal Rockwell painting!) because we run into practically everyone we know. Lore, I can't wait to see your Turning Twenty quilt! Kim, can't wait to photograph your girls tonight! Rhonda & Russ, I'm still working on the binding of my Chocolate Lollipop quilt and trying to figure out what to do for the binding of the quilt your working on for me now. Renee & Jason, we love going trick-or-treating with you guys and look forward to it again next year (good parking spot by the way!!). Karen (even though I know you don't read this) I soooo wish you were passing out fat quarters instead of candy! Hmmm. Ok. I think that is it.


Sarah and Jack said...

The girls look gorgeous!

The blogger problem is that your commenters need to go into their blogger profiles and check the box that says "show my email address".

People think it will show their email address to the entire world, but it only shows their email address when blogger emails you their comment.

hoganfe said...

Thanks for sharing your cute trick or treaters!!

Christy said...

They are SO cute Dana!

Stefani said...

So glad to hear that there's been an improvement. Your girlies looked so sweet!