Thursday, December 13, 2007

Finally some luck at the thrift stores

It has been ages that I have found anything worthwhile at a thrift store. Since summer at least. Yesterday I finally found some goodies.

Some colorful and graphic tins to keep sewing notions or something in.

A vintage apron. I keep buying these. Some I wear and others I use as fabric in a quilt or other project.

Kinda lovin' owls lately. I'd like to try and make a felt owl of sorts. But, since I have never worked much with felt I'm hesitant. I know tea will taste extra special in this mug.

Speaking of felt owls (and patchwork), these are just two of lots and lots of these handmade thingies on this net/tablecloth/who-knows-what thingy. Technical terms for sure. I plan on cutting them off the net tablecloth and using them in some creative new finagled way. Don't know what that will be yet but it will come to me. Always does.



Sarah and Jack said...

felt is a million times more forgiving than fabric, just be sure to use some sort of wool blend felt. (You can find it at JoAnns.) The synthetic stuff is really scratchy and stretchy.

Mary Jane said...

Great finds!Love the owl.It seems they are very popular right now. I remember my Mom loved owls when I was little-wonder if its one of those "whats in style comes back around" things?

Mary Jane


Ah! you lucky girl! i love those cans:)

Em said...

I love the cans and the apron! I hope you didn't cut that one up - it's too pretty! It was cold camping, and I'll blog about it later today.